Interior Painting

Whether to update and refresh your home, or to get ready for a sale, we paint interiors to make spaces look modern and feel brand new. Majority of the work we do happens with the extensive amount of prep necessary to produce a quality finished product. We paint: walls, ceilings, baseboards, doors, closets, and cabinets on existing homes, buildings, and new builds.

Exterior Painting

We paint the exterior of homes of all sizes, buildings, churches, multi-family, and so on. Exterior surfaces are always power washed to release dirt and oxidation. Once that’s completed the real work begins with the prep like fixing cracks in stucco to scraping old flaky paint prior to any paint application. We paint stucco, masonry, concrete, brick, wood, siding, fascia, eves, garage doors, entry doors, side gates, wrought iron, fences, railing, shutters, decks, patio covers, and fence walls.

Commercial Painting

We paint the interior and exteriors to multi-family homes, HOA’s, business complexes, office buildings, strip malls, hotels, churches, retail, apartment complexes, industrial buildings, and fence/walls.