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What is a better method of painting between spraying vs. brushing and rolling?


One method is just as good as the other. The quality of the finished product depends solely on the skill level of the painter.

There are pros and cons to each. Spraying is faster and more cost-effective for the homeowner but requires significant prep to protect the home.

Brushing and rolling takes longer, which in turns cost more, but is less intrusive and allows homeowners to stay in their home while work is in progress.

Can we stay in our home while a full interior painting project is being performed?


If we are spraying, it's not ideal, but accommodations can be made. Keep in mind your entire home will be covered in plastic and paper and sealed airtight with tape, and that means no access to stoves, refrigerators, toilets, beds, cabinets, etc.

If it is a brush and roll, then the answer is yes.

How long does it usually take to paint a full interior?


A: 2-3 days for an average-sized home. For an exterior, usually two days for an average-sized home.

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